Save time & money with a smart card

Time & Attendance clocking station

Simple to use, innovative and designed for your working environment. Our An all-in-one, Smart Card Time & Attendance recording workstation incorporates; job booking, job costing, labour hours analysis and security management including quality CCTV playback


Fast, secure, feature packed

Time & Attendance system

Smart cards, optional biometrics, large colour LCD and intuitive software all provide the fastest and safest method of recording your employees time & attendance.


Benefits for all business, from Accountants to Zoo Keepers

The state of the art system will dramatically improve your HR and security management with features that give you irrefutable control over Time & Attendance, working patterns rules, the EU working time regulations and the EU road transport directive regulations.


Fast, accurate and easy-to-use system to record employees' hours of working and site security.

A complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Directive checking and reporting, ensuring that your company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.


Simple and Efficient Time and Attendance Systems

Simple and Efficient Time and AttendanceHow difficult do you find it to manage your employees time and remove payroll errors and mistakes? You should at least take a look at how you are currently managing your time and attendance tracking to be sure that you are making it as easy as possible for your employees to clock in and out for work. Time and Attendance North West install and maintain custom time and attendance systems making employee management as efficient as possible for you and payroll.

We supply a variety of time and attendance systems using both proximity smart cards and biometric systems. Employees are either provided with a smart card or may use a fingerprint scanner when they check in and out. The information is stored in our software which is accessible to management and others for whom the data is essential. What is extremely helpful about this is that your information is always up to date and accurate, 24 hours a day.

Our time and attendance software works on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is simple to install and you can have it up and running in no time. The interface is easy to use and logical and you will find all of your payroll staff quickly picking up everything they need to know to make your time and attendance system run efficiently and safely.

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